This traditional style has a curved side panel, a rear center dart, and  a streamlined silhouette. The soft brim is sewn down.

5-Point Ivy
This hat has a right-angle side panel and a rear center dart, giving the hat slightly more room at the crown. The soft brim is sewn down.

6-Panel Ivy
This hat has a half-moon in the front, with 4-panels shaping a fitted back. The soft brim is sewn down.

Cadet Cap
The cadet cap, or conductor’s cap, has a round flat crown and a shallow body, with a slightly larger soft brim, sometimes of contrasting fabric or leather.

This is a 6-panel hat available in two variations: with a streamlined silhouette and a short brim, or with a fuller silhouette and slightly longer brim.

This hat has a wide soft brim and sits right at the ears, with a looser fit.